We have a range of lawnmowers,
from small and mobile for those difficult
areas to a McCulloch M11597 for the
larger lawns. Where possible with the
walk-along models, grass-cuttings will be
disposed of (composted, when facilites are
available, otherwise taken to the local
dechetterie for composting).
With the ride-on lawnmower, there is the
choice between side-ejection and mulching.
For areas where the lawn-mowers can't
reach, the job can be finished off with a
strimmer. (eg around trees and other
features, or slopes and rocky ground)
General Lawn Care
As well as the routine lawncare, we can help improve lawns by the judicious use of weed and feed products to help promote the grass growth, while knocking back the weeds and nettles. Application can be time and weather sensitive, so flexibility is the key. There are certain times of year when weed and feeds work best, and also they shouldn't be applied if rain is forecast. Care should be taken to avoid problems like drift, (in which the weed and feed drifts over to other areas due to wind etc) since the product is specifically designed for grass and is detrimental to other plants. This also includes walking over the treated areas too soon after application, since the chemicals can be carried on footwear to where they are definitely not required!

Other jobs that will help transform 'green bits' into lawns that you can be proud of include:
Re-seeding the areas which have gone bare, (through poor soil, over-use as pathways etc)
Getting rid of moss, which can be caused by damp and humid conditions over winter, but slows down the re-growth of grass in the spring, allowing opportunistic weeds to get a foothold. Moss should be dealt with over winter, ideally.
Scarrifying your lawn, which basically involves using a special tool (manual or powered) to 'rake' through your lawn, removing the thatch (ie dead grass cuttings, weeds and so on) which almost invariably builds up over time. The layer of thatch stops the soil 'breathing' and also helps to inhibit the growth of grass, again allowing weeds to get a foothold.
Larger Projects
Grass Cutting and Lawnmowers