Chainsaws and other powertools
We use a range of chainsaws, each suited to a specific purpose. The most powerful is used for felling and cutting larger trunks and pieces of wood that challenge the usual size of chainsaw.
For this we have a Stihl MS230.
For run of the mill cutting a McCulloch 436 is the tool of choice. It is powerful enough for most day to day requirements, such as cutting wood for building purposes for example and of course the ubiquitous firewood.
The cutting chain is narrower than the Stihl chain and so there is less wasteage and clearing up of sawdust/chippings.
The third chainsaw is a specialist MS192T which is used exclusively for pollarding work. It is a small, lightweight machine that can be operated, when conditions require, with one hand. Whilst it is extremely useful under the right circumstances, it use is limited by the fact that operating it requires a lot of skill and much in the way of health and safety precautions.
Environmental conditions also play a considerable part in the day to day running of chainsaws.
All the Anjouhousewatch chainsaws are maintained regularly, the chains sharpened before each job and after every 2 hrs of work, or less. When used out and about, in sensitive environments, a biodegradable chain oil is used as part of our acceptance that we should be as environmnentally friendly as possible. While mineral chain oils are cheaper, they don't biodegrade easily and can remain as a pollutant in woodland for a considerable time.
While using a chainsaw will always create a disturbance, by ensuring ours are in optimum condition we can do the job faster and biodegradable oils mean our 'footprint' will disappear sooner.
Not illustrated is our extendable pole saw, which is basically a small chainsaw on an extendable pole that
can reach up into a tree to prune away smaller branches, from the saftey of the ground. This makes pollarding smaller trees much easier and safer.
Larger jobs