Pollarding and tree work
Using the Stihl MS192T to pollard one of a series of three lime trees at a Gite/ Chambre d'Hote near Jarze
Felling a willow near Fougere. It needed to come
down because it had been badly attacked by
woodpeckers on one side and was starting to
rot and become unsafe.
The three lime trees, before (to the left) and after the pollarding was complete (above).
The tree behind the third lime is a hornbeam.
Another lime tree, this time near Fougere, showing it before and after. This one was done to a slightly different pattern with a few of
the lower branches left to provide a base for rapid re-growth of branches to provide shade. The ivy covering the tree was also removed.
Some trees, (broadly speaking, fruit trees with stones in the fruit rather than seeds) are best pollarded in the summer to reduce the
chances of attack by Silver Leaf fungus. This cherry tree had its crown raised, so that the lawn underneath could be cut, and a few
branches removed from within the main body of the tree to allow air to circulate and light to get in.
Larger jobs