Larger Projects
From time to time, larger projects come along which require additional equipment.
This is hired from local rental firms, as it provides access to equipment that would
normally not be part of the Anjouhousewatch repertoire.
One such project involved clearing a path through a wood that hadn't been accessed for many years. It was a mixed bag of trees containing oaks, sycamore, ash, poplar with a few walnuts and even elms. The whole area had become over-grown with weeds and saplings, but a gently undulating 300m path was succesfully carved through the morasse to provide access. A couple of small areas were opened up to provide areas to sit and enjoy the calm. A lot of the wood was cut up for firewood, while the picture shows some of the detirus being chipped into a mulch to lay down on the path.
The broyeur was rented from Kiloutou in Angers for 180 for the weekend
A general view of the pathway
A couple of simple rustic benches were installed so that
visitors could sit amongst the calm, listening to the wildlife.
Once the wood had been accessed we were able to discover a
range of fauna and flora that we didn't know was present.
Along the path this year was a veritable carpet of Early Purple
Orchids, Orchis Mascula, one of is illustrated.
Other noteworthy discoveries include many field mushrooms, Bolet a pied rouge, and a single morel.