Other power tools available....
...include pressure washers, hedge trimmers, pumps, garden vacuum/blower, electric chipper (for smaller branches etc), a whole range of small hand power tools, and so the list goes on. It means we can take on a huge variety of jobs in and around your garden
One of several hedges around the region that I have trimmed back. This leylandi hedge had started to loose its shape and was looking a bit wild until brought back under control. I also trimmed about 12" off the hedge in the background just slightly above the main feature and across the road. If the growth has become too dense, then it may need the attentions of a chainsaw to get through the larger branches, which will need the use of much more equipment,in the form of working platforms and safety gear.
Using what's available...
Nobody likes waste and it's always nice to be able to use materials that are second hand and readily available. These steps were needed because the ground was hopelessly uneven at this particular spot. Traditionally the steps would have been made from one or more railway
sleepers. But railway sleepers aren't exactly the nicest things to have in your garden, being literally saturated in creosote. These steps were made from some rotten beams that I had been cutting up from a renovation project.
They may not last quite as long as sleepers, but they should see me out.
This small rockery was made from a pile of rubble that was
sitting conveniently in the garden and had been for probably many years. The ground was cleared, a weed suppressing mat was laid down and the rockery built. Care has to be taken to keep the gaps between the rocks reasonably small and then as each layer was built, it was back filled with a soil/sand mix. The gravel path was a couple of bags of garden gravel from Gamm Vert and the plants were bought from Jacques Briant of St Sylvain d'Anjou, just north of Angers.
These simple raised beds were constructed from boards that were
'around'. They had been used for something, many years before but
whatever that project was, it was not even a dim and distant memory.
So the planks were given a quick treatment with a modern preservative and then turned into simple raised beds. Each one was then filled with several hundred litres of terreau universal and set to work. They won't last for ever, but three years down the line, they are still going strong, with no discernable signs of decay.
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